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Katy Perry is perhaps one of the most unpredictable Hollywood actresses who doesn’t mind experimenting with her looks and styles. She always surprises us with something new almost each time. Now this time, she has done it again
Her hair style has changed once more. So, if you have been loving her long black hair sometimes  back then she surprised you with coloring her hair. She was even spotted in brassy locks. As if this is not all, she even spiced her hair with a bright blue wig much to the amazement of all her fans.

Her original hair color though is jet black.

Her experiment with her hair has always been in news. And everyone was much delighted to see the new bronzed blond when she reached for the premiere of ‘The Surfs’.

However she received a mix review for her new look. Yet again, all that bleach hair was gone and she was back with a new color PINK! Yes this girl really has the guts and the grace to go ahead with such colors!

Another surprise which perhaps is the latest one is when we saw Katy going blond for her holidays. But one thing is for sure...she is looking fab in this new hairs style. It appeals her looks and adds to her charms. The closer look of her hair shows that it has even pink and peach gold tones too!
Now everyone is guessing with the New Year already coming very soon what is the next color Katy is wearing!

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