World's Sexiest Women Politicians

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 Mara Carfagna
We start off our list of the world's sexiest politicians with the Italian Minister for Equal Opportunity. Although she's been a topless model and a showgirl in the past, Carfagna is known to be a very conservative politician. She even claims to be an "antifeminist", and has condemned prostitution and even managed to criminalize it!

However, like most uber-conservative politicians, even she has been hypocritical about the sanctity of marriage--she's been rumoured to have more than a few affairs on the side!

Elena Udrea

This blonde bombshell happens to be a very well-respected Romanian politician. She is a member of the ruling Democratic Liberal Party and also happens to be the current Regional Development and Tourism Minister for her country.

 With her at the helm, we bet generating revenue through tourism is not a real big problem for Romania these days!

Hina Rabbani Khar

According to most political pundits, this 33-year-old is trying to bite off more than she can chew while handling Pakistan's foreign affairs. However, there's no doubt about the fact that she's one pretty lady. While her political acumen is, at best, questionable, she can handle our affairs anytime she wants!

Here's hoping better sense prevails, and our neighbors learn that they're not fooling anyone with political pawns like this PILF! If you're wondering what that stands for, look up MILF and then consider the fact that she's Pakistani..

Belinda Stronach

A divorced mother of two, this blonde MILF is a Canadian businesswoman. However, she's best known for her political career that spanned almost a decade. Initially, she was always in the left-leaning camp of the Conservative Party, but later she officially shifted over to the Liberals.

Now officially out of politics, we wonder if this hottie will consider running for the municipal elections in our area? We'd sure love to work on her campaign...

Eva Kaili

This former TV news presenter is now a Greek MP. She's an architect by profession, and we seriously do admire her fine bone structure! She's just 32 years old, and has a lot of good years ahead of her--both in politics and otherwise.

Rest assured, we'll be following her career closely!

Yulia Tymoshenko

This former Ukranian premier is just as well-known for her trademark blonde braided hair as she is for heading the very liberal Fatherland Party. After a corruption-marred 2004 presidential election, she played an important role in the Orange Revolution, which saw a complete overhaul of the country's ruling elite.

We are totally down with this babe and her policies!

Ruby Dhalla

This sexy Indo-Canadian is a true renaissance woman. While being a member of the Canadian Liberal Party, she also happens to be a chiropractor--a beauty with brains indeed!

 She hasn't totally wasted her good looks on politics, seeing as how she was the runner-up in Miss India Canada in 1993, and also acted in a Canadian Hindi movie called 'Kyon? Kis Liye'.

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