Swami Agnivesh enters Big Boss House!

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Swami Agnivesh in Big Boss House for changing society or will he himself get changed? 

If not Anna Hazare then Pooja Mishra? Well we said this because of the recent interesting turn in Big Boss. Swami Agnivesh is all set to enter the Big Boss today. It will be worth seeing Swamiji amongst the half clad models.  Jai Ho Swamiji !

Swami Agnivesh says he is going to enter the big boss not for money but for change he wishes to bring about in the society. But we really wonder will he bring about a change in the participants lewd obscene reckless behaviour or will participants change the Swamiji? It is strange that if he didn’t was able to get his cards right with Anna Hazare he made up his mind of entering just the opposite place: Big Boss where even for a waistband participants are ready to have a War. We would love to see yet another outburst of Pooja Mishra but this time with Swami! 

Agnivesh was in the eye of a storm soon after Hazare's hunger strike when a video surfaced in which he was seen talking to an unidentified person asking him to deal strongly with the Gandhian. This led to his estrangement from Team Anna.

At the end we will just have one word for the saint- God save him from Moh Maya!

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