Is Veena Mallik the next on Swaymvar 3?

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Oh my my..Veena Malik in Swaymavar 3? Yeah that's true as far as the news of our Experto- Mr. Mango goes. He told us that yes she is being payed a heavy sum of Rs.3 crores tobe on the show to seek a bridegroom. Aah...but what about her boyfriend Ashmit Patel? Poor boy..might think of going  again on Big Boss to get someone like Veena. Well there are already so many teekhi mirchis on Big Boss Season 5 that he could lay his hands at!

But strangely enough Veena still hasn't said 'yes' to the show. Mr. Mango told us "Veena is in two minds about the show, as she doesn't agree with the concept of seeking a bridegroom on television."

will it be a final YES from Veena only time will tell!

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