Sonam Kapoor- Ranbir Kapoor: Yet another fight begins

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Childhood pal and 'Saawariya' co-star Ranbir called Sonam a drama queen in an interview, referencing her comments made on the actor in an episode of Koffee with Karan. Says Ranbir, "If she doesn't find me sexy it's okay, she has the courage to say that on a public platform".Not just this, he even termed her a 'Drama Queen' Aahmmm...this simply hasn't gone down well with Sonam Who has retorted back at Ranbir.Sonam has apparently given RK a reply by stating, "I am an actress, darling. If I don't do drama, who else will?. It's good to be a drama queen.

 Most of the biggest actresses have done a lot of drama."

Hold on guyz it appears as if yet another episode of the long drawn Ranbir-Sonam saga is about to begin. WE'll love seeing battles isn't?


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