Pregnant Celebrities and the Foods They Eat

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Halle Berry: Looks like Hollywood divas with their perfect sense in fashion has a bizarre palate when it comes to food! Especially when expecting. Halle Berry conveniently ditched cheese, jam, and other bread spreads for pickle! She apparently loved eating pickles with a slice of bread. Well, we don’t even want to wonder what that tastes like.

Natalie Portman: This gorgeous Black Swan actress, who had turned vegan in 2009, ditched her diet when she got pregnant. As she just couldn't say no to eggs and dairy, she finally succumbed to her wants and gorged on them. Good for you Natalie!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Every single detail about Aishwary’s pregnancy is making news and thanks to that, her crazy food cravings are no longer a secret! Apparently, Aishwarya has let go of her special diet and is now craving for those foods, some of which are not even available in this continent! But Abhi, being her dutiful hubby, is going all out for her and spending loads of money to arrange these foods and appease her taste buds. Also, Jaya Bachchan is personally preparing foods like Dhokla, Imli Ka Achar, Sabzi Parothas and mouth watering varieties for Ash.
Angelina Jolie: While Angelina, the hot mother of six and wife of Brad Pitt, was pregnant with her twins, her crazy food cravings made headlines! Deep-fried onion rings dipped in mustard,  french fries dipped in milkshakes, dark chocolate flavored with Mexican chilis and cinnamon and cupcakes were only some of the foods that she craved for! Well, it’s a good thing for Brad that most of her children were adopted!
Beyonce: Destiny’s Child singer, Beyonce, posed with her slight baby bump on the night of the MTV Video Music Awards 2011. As she is expecting her first child with husband Jay-Z, sources declared that while she was on her cruise trip around Italy recently, she had all the chefs running around with her weird cravings! Ice cream with hot sauce, bananas dipped in ketchup and plenty of Oreo cookies, are some foods which topped her list.

Kajol: The dusky beauty and mother of two, had serious food cravings when she was expecting her second child. She had a craving for foods from various cuisines and didn’t hold back from indulging in it! A source had declared that once she had such a strong craving for South Indian food that she requested Muthuswami, a well known caterer who supplies South Indian cuisine to various parties and events, to come to her house and cook a lavish South Indian meal for her and her friends!
Konkana Sen Sharma:  Konkana Sen Sharma, while still in the clutches of the merciless food cravings had tweeted about her food craving for Nepalese dish, sukha wai wai. She delivered a healthy baby boy in March this year.

Sonali Kulkarni: Now here’s an exception to all other celebrity moms with their crazy weird cravings. Sonali Kulkarni, who is pregnant with her first child, confessed that she does not have any such queer food cravings! Apparently, this Maharashtrian mulgi likes to eat simple, home-cooked meal the best

Tara Sharma: This yummy mummy who is known for her health consciousness and yoga obsession, is one amazing woman who remained grounded to her healthy diet even when she was pregnant. Turning down all advice of “you should eat enough for two people when pregnant”, she stuck to her wholesome nutritious diet. She asserted that she hardly had any cravings. However in the first three months of her pregnancy, she developed an aversion to salads!

Victoria Beckham: This petite singer, who recently delivered her fourth child, had confessed that she couldn’t get enough of sweet marmalade with bread toast! Along with the sweet indulgence, she also used to have several cups of tea a day.

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