How Low will Big Boss inmates fall for TRPs?

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Character Assassination is the next big thing in the BigBoss House.
So here we are, at the big boss season 5...5...5. Now it has become a daily routine now to see the contestants fighting, shouting, clamouring with each other even on the most of trivial issues. If someone by mistake (read Siddharth) comes in the way of someone sleepy (read Pooja Mishra), there is not just fight but even the most abusive use of language.
Is someone by mistake takes away the waist band (read Pooja Mishra) of some other contestant (read Veeda) the fight moves on for more than two days with the worst abusive language use. Common on, how much of anger, shouts are good enough in a day? how much are the audiences are ready to digest? Well perhaps a lot more than what is being shown, and perhaps that is the reason why almost anyone who appears to remain quite is evicted out of the house. Be it Gulabo Sapera, Raageshwari or even Shakti Kapoor who preferred to remain mute for the full one week. On the other hand, Pooja Mishra inspite of being the most regular on the nomination list is still safe. She knows if she has to stay on, she has to fight and fight whether there is a reason or no reason.

And now as the show proceeds we have even character assassinations started by Akash (Sky) on Mahek Chahal- she is targeted for being cheap, filthy etc etc. So should we say it is a good game gone sour? Is the level of big boss going down with each passing day? Or do you still love being a regular watcher because you love the fights? Ahmm....hard to answer for us

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