First Look: Vikram Bhatt's "Lanka"

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After 'Haunted 3D' Tia is back with 'Lanka': Vikram Bhatt's forthcoming film 'Lanka' will hit screens on December 9, 2011.

Arjan Bajwa and Tia Bajpai will be seen together for the first time in 'Lanka'.
Manoj Bajpayee plays a key role in 'Lanka' produced by Vikram Bhatt.

'Lanka' is a film about a man who had to choose between loyalty for his mentor and empathy he feels for a girl. It can be called the journey of a modern day 'Asur'(Devil), who decides to be a human at the end.

Made under the ASA Production and Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, 'Lanka' is directed by Maqbool Khan.
Interestingly, the title of the film was changed many time. Initially it was called 'Vibhishan', then it was changed to 'Rab Jaisa Koi' and now its called 'Lanka'.
Manoj Bajpayee needed 20 retakes to shoot an intimate scene with Tia Bajpai for 'Lanka'.

Tia Bajpai in Haunted 3D: Tia Bajpai made her Bollywood debut with 'Haunted 3D'.
Tia Bajpai in Haunted 3D: Lately Tia Bajpai threatened the producers of 'Lanka'. She is unhappy with the way intimate scenes in the film are shot.
Tia Bajpai in Haunted 3D: Tia claims that her image is at stake. May be it was just a publicity stunt for the film. 'Lanka' is being released on December 9, 2011.

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