Why Salman Khan is making Ghostly Appearances in Big Boss5?

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Brother, you go for shooting, I'll manage the flop season

So Mandeep Bevli is finally out and so was Shakti Kapoor last week....and the list goes on. But where was Salman Khan? Ranbir the Rockstar came to Big Boss and even entered the house...but where was Salman Khan? Ah...after few more days we are surely going to ask..Salman Who? Was he really a part of the show? He has been surely making only ghostly appearances on the show and then the burden falls on the shoulder of Sanju baba to alone and alone go for a double vaaaaat!
And hold on, forget the double vaaaat he is not good at even single vaaat too! (With due apologies to all Sanjay Dutt fans). So is Salman Khan really busy with the shooting of “Ek Tha Tiger” or is he fully aware of the falling TRPs of Big Boss 5 that he chooses to remain out of it most of the time because after one hit season of Big Boss4 he doesn’t want to be associated with the flop Big Boss5.
Bechara apna Sanjay Dutt...good luck for season 5...5...5

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