Amitabh Bachchan Speaks About His Upcoming Hollywood Movie

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Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby is the Big B’s first film in 3D. The veteran actor says, “Yes, the film is in 3D and is perhaps a first for many reasons, primarily because it’s the first time that a mainstream drama from Hollywood is being done in 3D as opposed to the usual fantasy films like Avatar etc.”

 Big B has no plans of doing more Hollywood films yet. “No other offers have come my way from Hollywood before and since Baz was very keen I do this, I went ahead. It’s nothing big, just a small appearance. Earlier, Mira Nair had come across with Shantaram, finalised dates and shared the script etc. But then she withdrew. The same with Deepa Mehta and Kamagata Maru .She came across very keenly, discussed and met several times, shared details and then suddenly withdrew. I do not think you should look at this as a step into Hollywood. It’s just a gesture of friendship,” says Bachchan.

 According to a source close to the Big B, he is doing the Luhrmann film free of cost, as a friendly gesture to the director who is a great fan of Bachchan and Bollywood, in that order.

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