Shahrukh Khan on his relations with Aamir And Salman Khan

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"We were as friendly as could be. And at times very close, I believe. Aamir, myself and Salman, we shared some really good moments. We used to go for drives and stuff like that. Sometimes you realise that a lot of proximity, closeness brings about you know... too much familiarity and we step on each other`s toes." Shahrukh khan on being asked about Salman and Aamir films being a hit and how much pressure he seems from Ra.One. ""I have a huge amount of appreciation for anyone who has achieved any kind of stardom. When it comes to someone like an Aamir Khan or a Salman Khan or even the younger boys, I think you have to sit back and say, wow, it is very cool and just appreciate it.”

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