Fitness Tips and Diet Chart of Our Celebs

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You have always envied your celebs for their well toned bodies, you have always prayed to have a body like actor Aamir Khan or actress Demi Moore. Get the perfect body like the celebs has been a dream for most of us. So why not catch up and see what exactly are they eating and doing to get that perfect figure!

When Mr Perfectionist takes on a role, he does justice to it. Aamir has proved to be the guru of fitness with his Ghajini stint, and now gears up for a Dhoom appropriate body. Along with pumping up some iron, this Khan is watching what he eats.

It's a healthy and wholesome morning with a breakfast that comprises fruits, egg whites and muesli along with green tea. A midday snack only allows for a fruit or vegetable juice that is soon followed with the staple meal of dal, roti, veggies and curd. Evening is a ‘cuppa' tea and a choice between cheese cubes or rusk. An early protein dinner, like many other diets, is of boiled greens accompanied with grilled chicken or fish.

He is following in the footsteps of John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan after all.

Air Diet

We don't of any famous celebrities using this hard-core diet regime that is just another name for starvation, but it sure has been inspired by the hotties on Page 3. Ever flipped open a magazine, with a hottie posing as though she is just about to take a ginormous bite into a sinfully chocolate cake? That's what inspired the diet.
Apparently once a rage with women in France, the "air diet" simply put, is all about pretence. Remember seeing photos of celebs holding food to their mouths, but not eating it? This regime has everything to do with surrounding oneself with food, pretending to eat it, or convincing others they're eating.

How it works:
Order whatever your heart desires - pizza, fried chicken a triple chocolate fudge cake – cut a big bite and whatever you do, just don't put it in your mouth – EVER. This is what the air diet signifies – sniff and a whiff and throw it in the bin!

This is nothing short of starvation, a fast that you aren't allowed to break. And no good ever comes of that!!!

Baby Food Diet

Reese Witherspoon has this childish innocence about her; perhaps it's something to do with all the baby food she's been chowing down on! Even Gwenyth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and even Lady Gaga have been rumoured to give this life choice a whirl.

How it works:
It's all about keeping it au naturale and semi solid, and that's how babies like it. This pureed cuisine is organic, with no added sugars or chemical, so there is little to digest.

Apart from numbing the taste buds, this diet is said to be safe on a short-term basis but for the long-haul definitely not advisable. It tricks the system temporarily with the semi solid nutrients but, over time, it can lead to a hazardous bout of diarrhoea.

Bipasha: Known to always put fitness first, Bipasha Basu admits that her way to a perfectly toned body is to stay on your toes and work out like a mad man. There's no dieting for this sultry hottie.

Eat Like A Bird Diet
We had heard of fly like a bird, but new four-time mom Victoria Beckham believes in eating like one.

How it works:
 It is a diet that comprises solids in the form of soya beans, strawberries and lettuce. Also essential daily drinks are two pints of algae and a seaweed shake and plenty of water.

Though the diet varies, the underlying concept remains the same – be a food pecker.

Cabbage Soup Diet

The diet so followed by the like of Jaime Pressley and Sarah Michelle Gellar, only allows cabbage through the day. But is it the cabbage soup for the soul?

How it works:
Simple: Cabbage soup by day and night. While the pro is that you can have indiscriminate portions at anytime, the big con is that it's not exactly the most delectable dish to barely even chew on.

It's a quick fix diet that shows rapid results, but that is only because it drains out the water from the body. The minute you start to eat normally – BAM, it's back on those hips. But the larger picture is that if carried out over a longer period of time, the system adapts to it and then is unable to digest solid foods all together.

Celina: There are seven mini-meals, spaced at a two and a half hour interval, for Celina Jaitley. Mix that up with lots of fruits, nuts and green tea, and voilà! A slim n trim Celina.

Raw Food Diet

When Demi Moore made her big entry onto the beaches of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, the three angels were instantaneously forgotten. Her secret to that fab bikini body – raw food.

How it works:
Raw veggies are said to be excellent for weight loss, with the roughage and nutrients they provide. But the diet extends to raw meats too.

The foodie-fundamental has always been – you cook the food to kill off the harmful bacteria and other microbes – especially with respect to meat products. And there is always the occasional worm that may creep in.

HCG Diet

Jersey Shores Jenni Farley and, according to reports, Britney Spears has taken the baby food fad to another level – eat like a mommy-to-be!

How it works:
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is the hormone found in pregnant women that allows them to eat for two and burn those calories faster. So you inject it into your system, come down to consuming 500 calories a day, and watch it use your jiggly love-handles in a jiffy.

But there is no cheating the human body. You may trick it for a short span of time, but somewhere after elongated use, the hormone will catch up and your body will get too used to it for it to have any effect whatsoever. But the crux of it is that though the diet may not be fatal, consuming such few calories a day can lead to some serious health problems.

Kareena's done it all, from flab to fab, and repeat. Her secret – dietician Rujuta Divekar.

Bebo's diet somehow includes paranthas, pastas, pizzas and the lot, but the trick is quantity.

 For her Ra.One body makeover, Kareena was out and about the sets snacking on lotus seeds, which are very nutritious and rich in minerals.

Maple Syrup Diet- Beyonce

Beyoncé used this extreme diet to shed her bootylicious figure and don a more svelte look for her debut in Dreamgirls.

How it works:
Drop the concept of food altogether, only a detox drink. It only allows a combination (as the name suggests) maple syrup, lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper. With only this mixed liquid being ingested, the kilos just melt away.

Due to no eating, there is no nutrition being absorbed by the body, leading to weakness and fatigue, along with possible blood pressure issues. If that and disorientation isn't enough, once off the diet, the weight will just glue itself back on.

Shilpa Shetty is known, and envied, for that perfectly toned body. The actress however has a simple mantra to fitness - it's not about dieting, but the diet.

Apart from a workout regime that is a combination of yoga and weight training, the lithe Shilpa has her art of healthy eating down pat with 2000 calories a day and a cardinal rule to replace white with brown – brown sugar, rice, bread etc.

Her morning begins with a cup of tea, one that she can't do without, followed by porridge. Lunch comprises dal with brown rice or a multi-grain chapatti accompanied with chicken curry and vegetables.

Her tea time snack is a brown bread toast with 2 eggs and another cup of tea.

Following the age-old philosophy of a light early dinner, Shilpa completes her day with salad, soup and a chicken dish as dinner.
 This sultry actress also allows herself sweet indulgence once a week.

Sleeping Beauty diet

The yesteryear heartthrob, Elvis Presley had a looking good trick up his sleeve - the Sleeping Beauty diet. After all, if you are sleeping, you will naturally not feel hunger, right?

How it works:
Just as its name suggests, the diet involves sleeping away time. It is said that sleep deprivation makes weight loss higher. So at the end of this relaxing regime, instead of waking up to Prince Charming, you'll wake up to a new-and-improved fabulous you! Or so you think.

What is wrong with a few extra hours of sleep? But as harmless as the diet sounds, it is equally dangerous. In order to lose a significant amount of weight, one would have to sleep most of the day. Some experimenting beauties depend on powerful sedatives to knock themselves out; a one-off thing that may soon morph into a nasty habit.

Sonam Kapoor has wowed us with her journey from being podgy to Saawariya and now the perfect model.

Her mantra is simple and basic: eat small meals, but many of them.

According to reports, Sonam believes in eating every two hours, lots of liquids and when peckish nibbles on nuts and dry fruits. Another trick, plenty of warm water, followed with honey lemonade.

The Tapeworm Diet- Tyra

How far are you willing to go to look good? Are you willing to swallow a tapeworm? Yes, you heard right! After horror stories of people picking up parasites on holiday, and de-worming before it proves fatal, this fad has them taking it in voluntarily. According to reports, there is one famous taker, or in this case ingester, Tyra Banks.

How it works:
You swallow the worm whole and, over time, it will grow in your digestive tract and eat the food you have ingested. Once you are satisfied with the results, these slimy slithering elements will be flushed out with antibiotics.

One of the most dangerous diets, yet one of the oldest, this diet will allow you to eat what you want but it's equally risky. Tapeworms can cause an array of infections, at times causing severe abdominal pain, muscle damage and seizures. If they flow up into the brain, this deadly diet can prove to be fatal!

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